How to one Touch Lock for Android Phones | How to prolong the life of the power button on an Android smartphone

Power button has worn down  on an Android smartphone after months of heavy use – if that’s what happened to you before, then for your next Android device, this post will probably be a lot useful for you to minimize the frequency of using the power button.

You can use Androids built in double click to turn on the screen option combining with a touch lock to really minimize the use of power button. There are lot of apps that’s lets you do that, but here I will mention a free app that will not annoy you with ads.

Go to Play-store from your android phone and search for “Best Lock – One Touch Lock – Pro – Free “. When you click on it you will see that it doesn’t have “contain ads” on the bottom after the title which just means it will not bother you with any ads!

Screenshot 20200218 204342 Google Play Store1

You can also download it from the Playstore by following this link..

Best Lock – One Touch Lock – PRO