The Smart Home and Our Connected Life

Almost everything today is digitally connected …whether at home or on the go. Connected technology saves you time with everything from smart phones to smart homes!Tech Lifestyle Expert Carley Knobloch has partnered with and four brands for a look at some great smart tech for 2019 that will help simplify your life.

First up … a laptop is a must! Made for today’s mobile multi-taskers, the thin and light Yoga C630 combines the power and productivity of a Windows 10 laptop with the always-on, always-connected mobility of a smartphone thanks to integrated 4G LTE and Wi-Fi support.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 Mobile Compute Platform, the Yoga C630 gets up to 22 hours of local video playback and features a natural pen-on-paper experience on its vibrant 13.3-inch FHD IPS touchscreen display with optional Lenovo Pen and Windows Ink.Next, to stay connected at home, Orbi Voice is a smart speaker integrated with Amazon voice assistant, Alexa and uses the Qualcomm Wifi Mesh platform to create expansive whole home Wi-Fi coverage (up to 4500 square feet) to create an entire ecosystem of mesh Wi-Fi products.

It also features premium audio technology, creating incredible room-filling sound from the audio experts at Harman Kardon. Alexa makes it easy to play music from the most popular streaming services, control other IoT devices, check traffic, weather, and so much more – without needing a separate device.

It’s truly an innovative leap, and the start of a trend expected to accelerate in the 5G era.Smart products can also help keep families safe. Fire is getting faster, but you can get ahead by installing Kidde Wire-Free Interconnect Smoke Alarms in your home. Kidde’s new interconnect alarm solution offers exceptional safety benefits without the hassle of hardwiring or a Wi-Fi connection. The interconnect technology helps alert you to a fire no matter where you are in your home. When one alarm senses a hazard, all interconnected alarms sound throughout the home. The alarm also comes with a sealed 10-year battery, which you don’t have to worry about changing alarms batteries.

Simply replace the entire alarm after 10 years.Home security solutions are getting smarter and more convenient too. Schlage Encode is the newest connected device to enhance the brand’s portfolio of innovative smart locks. The deadbolt is easy to install, with a quick connection to in-home WiFi, making it even more convenient for homeowners to have secure, remote access control.

The built-in Wi-Fi technology eliminates the need for an additional hub and allows users to set-up and manage the lock via the Schlage Home or Key by Amazon apps. This means users can lock and unlock their deadbolt, monitor the lock’s status, and send virtual keys to trusted friends and family, all from the convenience of their smartphone. Homeowners can create up to 100 unique guest access codes for temporary, recurring or permanent access.

This information, along with the lock’s activity, can be tracked and monitored within the app, giving homeowners greater peace of mind. Through the Schlage Home app, users can also pair their deadbolt with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. When managing the lock via the Key app, users can enjoy compatibility with other platforms such as Amazon Cloud Cam, Ring video doorbell and cameras, and Alexa.For more information, visit