The best E Ink tablets for 2024

The humble E Ink tablet has come a long way, transforming from a niche device for bookworms to a versatile tool for note-taking, reading, sketching, and even light productivity. But with so many options on the market, choosing the perfect E Ink tablet for your needs can be overwhelming. This guide cuts through the noise, highlighting the top contenders in 2024, catering to diverse budgets and preferences.

Best Overall:

  • Onyx Boox Note Air3 C: This champion boasts a gorgeous color E Ink display, powerful hardware, and a plethora of features. Its slim design, expandable storage, and Bluetooth connectivity make it a productivity powerhouse for on-the-go users.

Best Budget:

  • Amazon Kindle Scribe: This entry-level option from Amazon delivers a classic E Ink reading experience with the added bonus of note-taking capabilities. Its affordable price tag and seamless integration with the Kindle ecosystem make it a great choice for casual readers.

Best for Writing:

  • Supernote A5X: This writing-focused tablet excels with its smooth E Ink display, dedicated note-taking features, and customizable pens. Its lightweight design and long battery life make it ideal for students, writers, and creative professionals.

Best for Reading:

  • Kobo Sage: This dedicated e-reader boasts a front-lit display, waterproof design, and comfortable ergonomics. Its extensive library, customizable reading settings, and warm light feature make it a bibliophile’s dream.

Bonus Contenders:

  • Boox Tab Ultra C Pro: For those who crave a tablet-like experience, this powerhouse offers a large color E Ink display, powerful specs, and even app compatibility.
  • Remarkable 2: This minimalist option prioritizes a distraction-free writing experience with its focus on pen and paper feel. Its cloud syncing and built-in library make it a good choice for note-takers and focused readers.

Choosing Your Perfect Ink:

  • Consider your needs: Are you primarily a reader, a writer, or a multitasker? Prioritize features that align with your usage patterns.
  • Budget matters: E Ink tablets range from affordable options to premium devices. Set a realistic budget and choose the best value within your range.
  • Screen size and resolution: Larger screens offer more reading space, while higher resolutions provide sharper text. Choose a size and resolution that suits your comfort and preferences.
  • Color vs. Grayscale: While color E Ink displays are impressive, they can drain battery life faster. Grayscale displays offer excellent readability and longer battery life, making them a good choice for casual users.
  • Features and functionality: Look for features that enhance your experience, like note-taking tools, stylus compatibility, front lighting, and audio support.