Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 (RE4) is a classic survival horror game, widely considered a masterpiece of the genre. It throws you into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, a government agent on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter Ashley Graham from a mysterious cult in a rural Spanish village. Here’s a guide to navigate the thrilling yet chilling world of RE4:

Mastering the Controls (Basics):

  • Movement: RE4 utilizes a “tank control” system, where character movement is tied to the camera direction. Pressing forward moves Leon in the direction he’s facing, while strafing lets you move sideways.
  • Aiming: RE4 requires you to stand still to aim your weapon. This adds a strategic layer to combat, forcing you to choose the right moment to unleash fire.
  • Inventory Management: Your inventory has limited space. Utilize the Attaché Case to store weapons, ammo, and healing items. Learn to manage your inventory effectively to ensure you have the right tools for each situation.

Combat Strategies:

  • Shoot the Knees!: Enemies in RE4 are often relentless. Aim for their legs to take them down and create an opportunity for a finishing move.
  • Knife Combat: Don’t underestimate your knife! It’s a great tool for conserving ammo and performing quick attacks on stunned enemies. Learn to parry enemy attacks with your knife for a window to counter. (This mechanic is especially important in the 2023 remake).
  • The Merchant: Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a mysterious merchant. Sell your unwanted items and use the cash to buy weapons, ammo, and healing items. He can also upgrade your weapons, making them more effective.

Exploring the World:

  • Puzzles and Exploration: RE4 isn’t just about shooting. Puzzles are scattered throughout the environment, requiring you to solve them to progress. Explore your surroundings thoroughly to find hidden items, ammo, and clues.
  • Beware of Traps!: Keep an eye out for cleverly placed traps that can damage you or alert enemies. Disarming them can save you resources and frustration.
  • Treasure Hunting: There are hidden treasures scattered throughout the game. Finding them can reward you with valuable items and extra cash.

Helping Ashley (Original Version):

  • Ashley’s AI: In the original version, Ashley can be a bit of a hindrance. Try to keep her close to avoid her getting attacked by enemies. You can also command her to wait in safe locations during combat encounters.

Additional Tips:

  • Conserve Ammo: Ammo is scarce in RE4. Don’t waste bullets on every enemy. Use your knife and environment to your advantage whenever possible.
  • Heal Early and Often: Don’t wait until you’re severely injured to heal. Use healing items like herbs at the first sign of damage to stay healthy.
  • Quick Turn: The quick turn button allows you to do a 180-degree spin, helpful for surprising enemies behind you.
  • Save Wisely: There are a limited number of save points in RE4. Use them strategically, especially before boss fights or entering new areas.

The 2023 Remake:

If you’re playing the 2023 remake, some elements might differ slightly:

  • Movement: Movement controls are more fluid in the remake, offering a more modern feel.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management is improved in the remake, offering more space and a grid-based system for easier organization.
  • Ashley’s AI: Ashley’s AI is reworked in the remake, making her less of a burden during gameplay.
  • Parrying: Parrying mechanics are a core aspect of combat in the remake. Master parrying enemy attacks for a strategic advantage.

Embrace the Horror and Embrace the Fun!

RE4 is a thrilling and suspenseful ride. Don’t be afraid to experiment, explore every corner, and utilize the strategies above to navigate the horrors that await you. Remember, resource management and careful combat are key to surviving the nightmarish village and rescuing Ashley. So, grab your weapons, face your fears, and good luck, Agent Kennedy!