Photos show how cats see the world compared to humans

Here are some photos that show how cats see the world compared to humans:

  • Visual field: Humans have a visual field of about 180 degrees, while cats have a visual field of about 200 degrees. This means that cats can see more to the sides than humans can.
    Human visual field vs Cat visual field
  • Visual acuity: Visual acuity is the ability to see fine details. Humans have a visual acuity of 20/20, which means that we can see objects at 20 feet that are clearly visible to a person with normal vision. Cats have a visual acuity of 20/100 to 20/200, which means that they have to be much closer to an object to see it clearly.
    Human visual acuity vs Cat visual acuity
  • Color vision: Humans have three types of color receptors (cones) in their eyes, which allows us to see a wide range of colors. Cats have two types of color receptors, which means that they see fewer colors than humans do. However, cats are more sensitive to shades of blue and green than humans are.
    Human color vision vs Cat color vision
  • Night vision: Cats have better night vision than humans do. This is because their eyes have a special reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum, which helps to reflect light back into the retina.
    Human night vision vs Cat night vision

These are just some of the ways that cats see the world differently than humans do. It’s fascinating to think about how our different senses shape our perception of the world around us.

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