My Imaginations – The Farmland

Lets write down a crafting or civilization game I play in my mind sometimes.

Balance: 500 billion dollar.

Game Part 1 farmland

First buy a huge amount of Land to ensure food production. I will secure the area with a huge barricade. And food like crops and corns will be produced inside on a huge scale.

Devide the production into 3 parts. 1 part will be sold or exported to gain huge profit, 1 part will be sold in the local for less profit. And 1 part will be used to sell for a minimum price for the poor. Everybody depending on the daily need can buy Rice or Corn for a very little price, but their national ids will be recorded so that dishonest sellers can’t buy them and redistribute it for higher price. Every id number will kept be database to ensure people get what they need on a daily basis.

The profit gotten from the business Will be used to improve soil Quality, buy and protect more farmland and forest land too. Natural forests will be preserved to ensure Production essential insects and birds have a safe zone to live.

let say I spend 150 billion dollar to build this.

Part 2 The City

I will use 10 billions to build a city besides it. I will built Earth Quake resistent tall buildings. Let say, 60 story buildings, 30 story will be under Ground and 30 will be above on each building.

Top 30 floor will be used to put solar panels. Underground flats will have high oxygen producing plants. Also buildings will be connected though underground Passages. There will be excessive amount of use of solar panels, every lamppost, Buildings will be self sustained. Each road will have free toilets and pure drinking water on each Block. It will also have fruit producing trees. There will be a forest nearby Which will have cats and dogs. There will be a Budget to feed them. But they will be kept wild, not domesticated.

There will be farm houses to provide fresh milk to people. Most of the thing will be based on functionality. Fresh fruit stores will be allowed to sell their products but there Won’t be any place for harmful sugar products. Beer and Wines will be allowed based on low alcohol content. Fresh vegetables and food store will be there but no more chips, candies, food color or artificial ones, no more cigarettes.. Most of the buildings will have people living underground, not over. Outer part will be used for office or stores.

Most of the people allowed to live in the City will be workers from the farmland. There will be very little energy bill because of solar power. One time plastic will be completely prohibited and only reusable plastics will be allowed. Every park will be consist of mostly fruit trees, so that bedsides buying from the market people can get some from the nature. Over time, Everything will be underground as much as possible. If parks and gardens are possible underground scientifically then they will go underground. Every building will be connected Through up and below, besides using solar panels, there will be wind turbines on the roof and. mostly on top floors Where wind speed will be higher.

Only the minimalist people will be allowed. The kind of people who are happy with comfortable cloths and doesn’t desire fancy cloths much. If you are not happy with a highly functioning and comfortable dress and want more there are other places for you, this place is not for you.

You will get fresh beef and milk but not high salt chips or high sugar colas. You will get Beer and Red wine but no Vodka or high Alcohol content Products.

The whole point of the city and farmland will be to sustain human life longest amount possible. Phone Companies will be allowed to sell 2 or 3 models at the most. Every rules on this utopia will be to make sure the minimal amount of resource uses and even more minimalize wastage of Resources.

Every able body will have to work in the farmland to have a place in the city. People from other Profession to have to put some hours in the farm even if It’s as low as 5 hours a week. Everybody will have to understand the importance of food production.

There Won’t be any stupid basketball or fruitless games on schools in the city. They all Will Have to participate on how to Produce the thing humans need to survive and with as low impact on the environment as possible. There wont be any gymnasium. Because you truly waste your calories there, instead, you can volunteer on any hard working job like working in the farm.


Search for the best in humans undermine the physical force human population represents, everything everywhere that you see speaking out there, bragging about genius and brilliance doesn’t exactly running the world, they are just enjoying the fruit that comes from the combined labor force of humans.

Just take a look, who collect the rare earth material, who transports them ? Who actually use their hands to build ? Who repairs ? Who produces food ?

So My City will be solely focused on how to use human on work, even the dumbest human by modern standard will have a place to work and don’t have to sit ideally in poverty. This society of human is purely mismanaged. Focus will be to keep the mass under proper management..

The only thing you have to worry is whether your needs are met. You will have work and you will have a place too live and required amount of food. Now you will be able to be creative, focus solely on human development and solving problems. Not to build bombs but to build to last. Build to solve and build to endure.

Since the city will depend on pure physical forces of humans, so it doesn’t have to worry about human migration and can evolve randomly and naturally. When humans will see the profit in leaving like that, they will try to save it, save my system.

While using their pure physicals energy on a proper level, everybody will be required to study something for sometimes. So schools will have a place for everybody as compulsory, not to pass but to learn something everybody. They will learn something for free and also pass time with each other in the learning experience. That way, if anybody wants to learn gardening he/she can join the gardening class, or, engineering class, or learn about medicine, food, health anything.

So every citizen will have to participate a 2–3 hours of class everyday for the rest of their life. They can join any class on any subject they choose. There will never be any examination or pass mark so it won’t be a competition. Because My belief is humans wont survive long be competing each other. Rather they need to put combined force to survive comfortably the longest as possible.

Scientist will be the only recognized class in the society. Public religious activities won’t be allowed. Only it can be practiced privately. If anyone wants to build religious structure, he/she will be rejected from the city forever. Religion has no real life use for human survival. So much effort for a cause that doesn’t exactly help human survival in anyway possible is just can’t be allowed to continue in a sustainable city.

You will be free to practice your religion at home but you can’t make it a public phenomena to waste valuable work time or study time. We can’t allow people to believe at work place that if Solar Reactor fails or oxygen producing plants dies, you will survive under ground just by praying to Jesus or Allah instead of working your a** of to fix it. If you can carry the bucket for a scientists that you will you have to do, not to sit around in a place praying for a miracle.