Moscow concert hall attack: Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid

Moscow concert hall attack: Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid

Moscow concert hall attack

The recent attack on a Moscow concert hall has left the city reeling. While details are still emerging, here’s what we know so far:

The Incident:

On Friday, March 22nd, 2024, a group of armed assailants stormed the Crocus City Hall, a prominent music venue on the outskirts of Moscow. Reports indicate the attackers opened fire on concertgoers and set parts of the building ablaze.

Crocus City Hall attack


On 22 March 2024, at around 20:00 MSK, a coordinated terrorist attack occurred at the Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, Russia, on the western edge of Moscow. The attack started shortly before the Russian band Picnic was scheduled to play a sold-out show at the venue. Wikipedia

Casualties and Response:

The attack resulted in a devastating loss of life. Initial reports suggest at least 137 people were killed, with many more injured. Russian emergency services responded swiftly, evacuating survivors and containing the fire.

Attribution and Investigation:

The motive and those responsible for the attack remain under investigation. While ISIS has claimed responsibility, officials are yet to confirm their involvement. Russian authorities are conducting a full investigation, and President Putin has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Impact on the City:

The attack has cast a shadow over Moscow. Heightened security measures are in place across the city, and residents are understandably shaken. The incident has also sparked national outrage and grief.

The Road Ahead:

As the investigation continues, Moscow grapples with the aftermath of this tragedy. The city will undoubtedly face a long healing process, marked by memorials for the victims and increased vigilance against future threats.

It is important to note that the situation is still developing, and details may change as more information becomes available.