Magento 2 Blog Extension – Best FREE Options

There are several free Magento 2 blog extensions available, each with its own set of features and functionalities. Here are some of the best free options:

  1. Mageplaza Blog: This extension offers a range of features including the ability to add multiple authors, tags, and categories. It also includes an SEO-friendly URL structure and supports social sharing. Additionally, it integrates with Google Analytics and provides an RSS feed.
  2. Magefan Blog: This extension includes features such as category management, tag management, and author management. It also offers a customizable layout, built-in SEO tools, and an integrated commenting system.
  3. Amasty Blog: This extension allows you to create blog posts and pages with a WYSIWYG editor. It also supports comments, social sharing, and includes an RSS feed. Additionally, it integrates with Magento 2’s built-in CMS functionality.
  4. AheadWorks Blog: This extension offers a range of features including customizable layout templates, social sharing, and SEO optimization. It also includes a commenting system and supports multiple authors.
  5. Fishpig WordPress Integration: This extension integrates Magento 2 with WordPress, allowing you to use WordPress as your blogging platform. This extension provides access to WordPress’s full suite of features and functionalities, including customizable templates, social sharing, and SEO optimization.

By using one of these free Magento 2 blog extensions, you can add a powerful blogging platform to your online store and provide your customers with valuable content that drives engagement and sales.