Jeff Bezos Net Worth: How the Amazon Founder Spends his $122 billion fortune

Jeff Bezos has pledged to donate the majority of his wealth to charity, but he still has a lot of money to spend. Here are some of the ways he currently spends his $122 billion fortune:

  • Real estate: Bezos owns a number of expensive properties around the world, including a $165 million estate in Beverly Hills, California; a $78 million estate in Maui, Hawaii; and a $23 million estate in Washington, D.C.
  • Space exploration: Bezos is the founder of Blue Origin, a private space company that is developing reusable rockets and spacecraft. He has invested billions of dollars in Blue Origin, and he has said that he plans to fly on one of the company’s rockets himself in 2023.
  • Philanthropy: Bezos has pledged to donate the majority of his wealth to charity, but he has not yet announced any specific plans for how he will do so. In the meantime, he has made a number of significant donations to various causes, including climate change, education, and homelessness.

In addition to these major expenses, Bezos also spends money on everyday things like food, clothing, and travel. However, his wealth is so vast that he can afford to spend money on just about anything he wants.

Here are some other specific ways that Bezos has spent his money in recent years:

  • He purchased the Washington Post newspaper for $250 million in 2013.
  • He invested $42 million in the food delivery company DoorDash in 2018.
  • He founded the Bezos Earth Fund in 2020 with a $10 billion pledge to fight climate change.
  • He donated $200 million to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in 2021 to build a new education center.
  • He commissioned a 10,000-year clock to be built inside a Texas mountain in 2022. The clock is designed to keep time for 10,000 years and to serve as a symbol of long-term thinking.

It is clear that Bezos is a man who likes to spend his money on big things. He is also a man who is passionate about his work and his causes. It will be interesting to see how he spends his money in the years to come, especially as he begins to give away the majority of his wealth to charity.

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