iPhone 15 Review

The iPhone 15 just hit the market, and while it’s not a revolutionary upgrade from its predecessor, it still packs a punch and offers some key improvements. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses, based on recent reviews:


  • USB-C port: Finally! Apple joins the rest of the world with a more universal and convenient charging standard.
  • Improved cameras: The new 48MP main sensor captures stunning photos with greater detail and dynamic range.
  • Satin-finished design: The iPhone 15 feels more comfortable and grippy in your hand thanks to its soft-touch back.
  • Dynamic Island: The notch is replaced by a more interactive and adaptable interface for notifications and alerts.
  • Fast A16 Bionic chip: Smooth performance and efficient battery life are guaranteed.
  • Long software support: Expect iOS updates for several years to come.


  • Not a major leap forward: If you have an iPhone 14, the upgrade might not be worth the price tag.
  • No telephoto lens: The base model 15 lacks the zooming capabilities of the Pro models.
  • Slower refresh rate screen: Compared to some competitors, the 60Hz display feels less fluid.
  • Limited color options: The base model doesn’t offer the vibrant color choices of the Pro lineup.


The iPhone 15 is a solid and reliable phone with some welcome upgrades, especially the USB-C port and improved cameras. However, it doesn’t offer a groundbreaking experience compared to its predecessor. If you’re on an older iPhone or prioritize features like fast charging and long software support, it’s a good choice. But if you’re looking for the latest and greatest technology or own a recent iPhone, you might want to consider waiting for the next generation.

Additional Points:

  • There are two models: the regular iPhone 15 and the slightly larger iPhone 15 Plus.
  • The Pro models, with their more premium features and higher price tags, offer a different experience.
  • Reviews also point out improved battery life and a brighter display compared to the iPhone 14.