How to Record your screen in QuickTime Player on Mac

Recording your screen on a Mac can be useful for creating tutorials, presentations, or simply capturing a video of what you’re doing on your computer. QuickTime Player, which comes pre-installed on Macs, includes a screen recording feature that allows you to record your screen with audio. Here’s how to record your screen in QuickTime Player on Mac:

  1. Open QuickTime Player: You can find QuickTime Player in the Applications folder or by using Spotlight Search (press Command + Spacebar and type “QuickTime Player” in the search bar).
  2. Click on “File” in the menu bar: This is located at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select “New Screen Recording”: This will open the screen recording window.
  4. Choose your recording settings: In the screen recording window, you can select the audio input source (built-in microphone or external microphone) and whether you want to show mouse clicks in the recording. You can also choose to record a portion of the screen by clicking and dragging the cursor over the area you want to record.
  5. Click on the “Record” button: This is a red button located in the center of the screen recording window.
  6. Start your screen recording: Click and drag the cursor over the area of the screen you want to record, or click on the whole screen to record everything on your screen. To stop recording, click on the stop button in the menu bar, or press Command + Control + Esc on your keyboard.
  7. Save your recording: Once you’ve stopped recording, QuickTime Player will automatically open the recorded video in a new window. You can trim the video or save it as is by selecting “File” in the menu bar and choosing “Save” or “Save As”.

That’s it! You can now record your screen in QuickTime Player on your Mac.