How to Quickly Switch Between Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to create and switch between multiple virtual desktops, which can be useful for organizing your work or separating different tasks. Here’s how to quickly switch between virtual desktops on Windows 10:

  1. To create a new virtual desktop, click on the “Task View” button in the taskbar (it looks like a square with two smaller squares on the right side) or press the Windows key + Tab.
  2. Click on the “New desktop” button in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. To switch between virtual desktops, click on the “Task View” button again or press Windows key + Tab.
  4. Use the arrow keys or click on the desktops at the top of the screen to switch to the desired virtual desktop.
  5. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Ctrl + Left arrow or Windows key + Ctrl + Right arrow to quickly switch between virtual desktops.

Note: If you don’t see the “Task View” button in the taskbar, right-click on an empty area of the taskbar and select “Show Task View button” from the dropdown menu.