How to make money from blogging ?

If you are a blogger or know how to write good blogs on Tech, Science, Health and Politics you can start blogging on Platforms such as to post and earn money from your blog. But Since it is a platform owned by anything but you, so the popularity will all go to waste.

If you are serious about blogging and making a income from it, what you can do is, buy a domain that is relevant to you and host a website. And setup google AdSense on your website. But hosting a website and just posting is not end of the story. While you post, your site will need continuous management for speed and quality. If you already know about website development and management then you already know about how it goes. Adding images without optimization will make your site slower, you would also need to manage your server for mail, database and cleanups. You would also require to customize your site according to Google’s page speed, submit sitemaps for search engines for quick indexing and a lot of other staff. These tasks are not difficult but surely time consuming.

What we offer here is a very cheap price for bloggers where you buy the domain and hosting and we manage everything else. You can keep posting on your site while we will manage your website and server and do all sorts of customizations, and when google AdSense is available we will set it up on your website so that views will not go to waste and you are able to make a income from this. Posting on a website or on any other platform is not enough so we will be doing SEO, and also keep your site in tip top shape for search engines and viewers.

If you are serious about making a income with your blog, contact us today. Contacting doesn’t mean you have to take service from us, you can just ask for suggestions so why wait ?

We will help you all the way from beginning.

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