How to “Alt+Tab” to Switch Windows on a Mac – How-To Geek

On a Mac, you can use the “Command + Tab” keyboard shortcut to switch between open applications instead of “Alt + Tab” as used on Windows. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Press and hold the “Command” (⌘) key on your Mac’s keyboard.
  2. While holding the “Command” key, press the “Tab” (⇥) key once. This will bring up the App Switcher.
  3. While still holding the “Command” key, continue pressing the “Tab” key repeatedly to cycle through the open applications.
  4. Release both keys when you reach the desired application in the App Switcher. This will switch to the selected application.

The App Switcher will display a row of application icons in the center of the screen, allowing you to visually select the application you want to switch to. You can use the left or right arrow keys while holding the “Command” key to navigate through the icons.

Additionally, if you want to switch between windows of the same application, you can use the “Command + ` ” (backtick) keyboard shortcut. Press and hold the “Command” key and then press the backtick key to cycle through the open windows of the currently active application.

These keyboard shortcuts provide a similar function to the “Alt + Tab” shortcut on Windows, allowing you to switch between different applications or windows quickly on your Mac.

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