How can I get money?

If you don’t already have some skills I don’t see how you can get money. Think about what skills you have. It could be in your head or physical. If you are a strong guy go look for physical labor. If you have other skills such as programming, computer operating, or anything you can search the internet and look for relevant job opportunities. You can look into LinkedIn.

If I talk about myself, I’m earning by pure luck. My brother is a computer engineer and he taught me web development. Now we are freelancing. But it still feels like pure luck because when we apply with good proposal and looks like a possibility, most of the time we don’t get that project. Most of the time clients come and contact us out of no where and frankly that’s how we are earning. I can’t tell you we are getting job by our talents but one thing I can tell you that you cant get any job but to keep you you have to know work otherwise it won’t stay long.

If you have or can get into products you can sell it on eBay. Actually I did some selling to without having any physical product. What I Did is went to other websites who are selling some item and I came back and listed it on eBay. When Somebody ordered it, I ordered it on the other sites and that’s how I make profit for a while until a moron ruined it for me.

If you don’t know any other work you can just go and become a salesman or day labor or something. Sometimes I see people here on the capital are living measurably even though they have lands on the village. If you have a village home, why don’t you go back there and try farming. If you don’t know how to do farming what you can do is work on other farming projects and slowly learn the thing and start your own.

If you have no skills at all you can just go and rob a bank right ? Or seat somewhere with a empty Plate.