Feeling worthless – Self-help

You have to tweak the mindset with logic at bit. Stop putting Your worth to people.

Think about it, only a all knowing God can get you, other People are controlled by their own bias, limited by their own senses and Experiences. If you did 20 Favor to a guy and deny just one last time, they would remember the last one. It’s not even their fault. It’s human nature.

Let say if you get happy when your answer get upvotes or liked as in Facebook or in other networks, you will be unhappy when disliked, downvoted. But you don’t have to feel happy getting praised to begin with then you can control your feeling when get the opposite. Because if one says you are a goat, that Doesn’t change Your species magically, no one has control over Reality. Humans opinions are one of the most fragile and worthless not even a thing on earth.

The more you understand the actuality of things the less you will put value of yourself in other’s hand.