Facebook page has been unpublished, How can I get it back ?

If your Facebook page has been unpublished, there could be several reasons for this action, such as a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards or Terms of Service. Here are some steps you can take to try to get your Facebook page back:

  1. Review Facebook’s Policies:
    • Carefully review Facebook’s Community Standards and Terms of Service to identify any potential violations. Make sure your page complies with all the rules.
  2. Contact Facebook Support:
    • Visit the Facebook Help Center and look for a contact or support option. Facebook typically provides a form or a support channel where you can submit your issue.
  3. Appeal the Decision:
    • If your page was unpublished due to a violation, Facebook may provide an option to appeal the decision. Look for any notifications or emails from Facebook regarding the page’s unpublishing and follow the instructions provided.
  4. Provide Additional Information:
    • When appealing, be prepared to provide any necessary information or documentation that supports your case. Explain any misunderstandings or actions you have taken to address the issue.
  5. Be Patient:
    • Facebook’s review process may take some time. Be patient and wait for a response. Avoid submitting multiple appeals as this may slow down the process.
  6. Check for Updates:
    • Monitor your email and the Facebook Support inbox for updates regarding your appeal. Facebook will usually communicate their decision through these channels.
  7. Consider Professional Help:
    • In some cases, people have sought legal advice or assistance from professionals who specialize in social media-related issues. However, this might be necessary only in more complex situations.

Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t provided a guaranteed way to get back an unpublished page in every case. However, depending on the reason for unpublishing and how you react, there are some steps you can take to try and recover it: Remember that it’s crucial to comply with Facebook’s policies and guidelines to prevent future issues. If your page was unpublished due to a violation, make sure to rectify the problem to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Here are the steps you can follow to get back your Page – 

Step 1: Identify the reason for unpublishing:

  • Check the notification area on your Facebook account for any messages from Facebook regarding the unpublishing.
  • Go to your Pages section and try to access the unpublished page. If accessible, look for any information displayed explaining the reason.
  • Check your Page Quality under Settings > New Pages Experience. It might highlight potential violations of Community Standards.

Step 2: Address the issue:

  • Community Standards violation: If your page was unpublished due to violating Community Standards, review the specific violation listed. Take necessary steps to rectify the issue, such as removing violating content or adjusting your page’s theme and content.
  • Technical issues: In rare cases, unpublishing might be a technical glitch. Try refreshing the page, logging out and back in, or using a different browser or device.

Step 3: Appeal the decision (if possible):

  • If you disagree with the unpublishing or believe it was a mistake, you can appeal the decision. Look for an “Appeal” button or link related to the notification or information about the unpublishing.
  • Clearly explain why you believe the page should be published again and address any concerns raised by Facebook. Be polite and professional in your appeal.

Step 4: Contact Facebook support:

  • If appealing through the provided options doesn’t work, you can try contacting Facebook support directly. Here are some options:
    • Help Center: Search for “unpublished page” or “appeal page unpublishing” and follow the relevant instructions.
    • Report a Problem: Use the “Report a Problem” link at the bottom of most Facebook pages and select “Something else isn’t working.” Briefly explain the situation and request assistance.
    • Live Chat: In some regions, Facebook offers live chat support. Search for “Facebook live chat” and check if it’s available in your area.

Additional Tips:

  • Be patient, as Facebook might take some time to review your appeal or respond to your support request.
  • Avoid spammy behavior or repeatedly contacting Facebook, as it might negatively impact your chances of success.
  • Consider creating a new page if recovering the old one seems unlikely. However, avoid using the same name or content to avoid further issues.

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