Elon Musk Uses $50,000 Boxabl Tiny Home As a Guest House

Yes, that is correct. Elon Musk owns a $50,000 Boxabl Casita, which he uses as a guest house. The Casita is a 375-square-foot prefabricated home that can be assembled in an hour. It has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Elon Musk Boxabl Casita tiny home

Musk first revealed that he owned the Casita in a podcast interview in 2022. He said that he bought it because he wanted a small, affordable home that he could use as a guest house or for work. He also said that he liked the fact that the Casita could be easily transported and assembled.

The Casita is made from a variety of materials, including steel, concrete, and wood. It is also equipped with solar panels and a battery system, which allows it to be off-grid.

Musk’s use of the Casita has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his environmental awareness and his commitment to affordable housing. Others have criticized him for his wealth and his use of a tiny home while others are living in poverty.

Regardless of the reaction, Musk’s use of the Casita has brought attention to the tiny home movement. Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular as a way to live more simply and affordably.

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