Check which Laravel version you are running

If you want to check the Laravel version for a Laravel project, you can do this through the command line. Here are a couple of ways to find out the Laravel version:

  1. Using Artisan Command: Open a terminal and navigate to your Laravel project’s root directory. Then, run the following command:
    php artisan --version

    This command will display the Laravel version installed in your project.

  2. Checking composer.json: Laravel version information is also stored in the composer.json file of your project. Open the composer.json file and look for the laravel/framework package:
    "require": {
    "php": "^7.3|^8.0",
    "laravel/framework": "^8.0",
    // other dependencies...

    The value next to "laravel/framework" indicates the installed Laravel version. In this example, it’s “^8.0,” which means Laravel version 8.

Choose either method based on your preference, and you’ll be able to determine the Laravel version for your project.