Can I fast with diabetes during Ramadan ?

According to Islam, every healthy adult Muslim requires to fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan. We must remember that according to Al Quran, it is not compulsory (Faraz) for sick people, or for those who are under medications. So in that case, diabetics are not require to fast during Ramadan.

But many Muslims who have diabetics still prefer to keep fasting during Ramadan. So here are the key facts you need to know before you start fasting with your condition.

The two most major risk for diabetics while fasting is the risk of having hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, and hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Both condition can be fatal if you are careless. So before you start fasting, you must consult your doctor and inform them about your preference so that they can adjust your medication such as insulin etc.

Here is the most simple fact while fasting, you must always be vigilant about your blood sugar and constantly monitor it.


If you have heart or kidney disease, then you must consider about not fasting.

Diabetics taking medications such as insulin carries the risk of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. So if you find out that your are having any of them you must consult your doctor right away.

If you are diabetic and pregnant during fasting, it could bring complications.

When it is okay – 

If your diabetics is well under control with workouts and medications then you have lower risk of complication during Ramadan. You have to talk with your doctor about this and let him know about any other condition you might have. |

If you prefer to fast

  • You will require less insulin at the beginning of fasting.
  • Your medications must be adjusted by the doctor
  • Often check your blood glucose level
  • When you break the fast, have only small quantities food, and
  • Avoid eating high calorie and fatty foods
  • Take small meals when you break the fast


People who are ill or have medical conditions are not required to fast according to Islamic Ideology. You can also talk about this with educated and expert Imams. If you or anyone in your family is showing the signs of Covid-19, it is highly recommended not to fast.

Another Key thing is, taking Diabetic medication such as insulin through vein or under the skin doesn’t break the fasting. So you can also do that after adjusting yours meds by the doctor.

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