What event in history that alerts the world to human wickedness?

In 1870, there were at least 10 million bison in the southern herd on the North American plains. Fewer than 20 years later, only 500 wild animals remained. That part of the story — the bloody removal of the animals for hides, meat and to devastate Native American communities

Bison Slaughter’s Destructive Legacy for Native Americans

It might be a little bit strange the word “the bloody removal of the animals for hides”. It basically mean to destroy the backbone of Native Americans, the Europeans who went their to lay the foundation of current America killed almost 10 million bison. Just take a look at the photo and imagine the horror. Just to make the natives submit, what was done to the Bison population weren’t even the worst they did.

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A Iraqi child being raped & her entire family was killed while she was being violated by USA’s soldiers during Iraq Invasion.

Green then broke Abeer’s mother’s arms (likely evidence of a struggle that resulted when she heard her daughter being raped in the other room) and murdered her parents and younger sister, while two other soldiers, Cortez and Barker, raped Abeer.[18] Barker wrote that Cortez pushed Abeer to the floor, lifted her dress, and tore off her underwear while she struggled. According to Cortez, Abeer “kept squirming and trying to keep her legs closed and saying stuff in Arabic,” as he and Barker took turns holding her down and raping her.[19] Cortez testified that Abeer heard the gunshots in the room in which her parents and little sister were being held, causing her to scream and cry even more as she was being violently raped by the men.

Mahmudiyah rape and killings – Wikipedia

As horrible that was it shouldn’t come at a surprise since it was reported in Guradian that a female solider was more likely to get attacked by her fellow soldiers than enemies.

Rape in the US military: America’s dirty little secret

I guess those women who just wanted to kill some Iraqis didn’t see that coming.

Just take a look at what Western outlets posted the horrible news of that Iraqi child’s rape & killings.

Tearful soldier tells court of Iraq rape-murder


Wow, the title makes you sympathetic for the solider doesn’t it ? Irony of the century.


You have heard about the horrible deeds of Nazi soldiers, but what you know is most likely made up fiction from Marvel & DC. While genocides by Hitler probably happened, but the reality is, anything done by Nazis done 10 times worse by Allied at least. If nobody is good, there is still, bad-worse-worst. Allied & United states soldiers are the worst you can think of.

According to a 2010 assessment by John Sloboda, director of Iraq Body Count, U.S. and Coalition forces had killed at least 22,668 insurgents as well as 13,807 civilians in the Iraq War,


Allies raped almost 1m Germans: academic

These soldiers from USA, they are not exactly from a good place. USA is horrible when it comes to women rights.

1 in 5 women. 24.8 percent ; One in five women in the United States experienced completed or attempted rape during their lifetime. – Statistics

Rape Statistics by Country 2022
While the frequency of rape in the United States varies from state to state, it averages out to one every 1-2 minutes.


Hundreds of men and women are killed by police every year across the United States.

Europe & USA have a rape pandemic. While they preach equality & peace, they actually breed war and statistics says their conditions are much worse. The reason for that would be life style, cultural practices, ideologies etc.. Together they form their society of sexual assaults on woman and children, even on men.

And their police brutality knows no limit. It’s just a pathetic excuse of a system. But unfortunately for humans, there is no society that offers anything better. I have come to know many bizarre truth from trust worthy sources about Middle East that even make me question whether even USA’s rape crisis was better than the alternatives, which is rapes not being noticed or judged by the system. Middle east is like that. For example, as horrible it is, Mahmudiya rape & murder Culprit was brought to justice and when proven he was sent to jail. But here on Bangladesh a double murder that happened almost over 7 years ago and the case investigation God knows what the hell it is, is still going on. Most of the cases goes on like that here on the corrupted Judiciary system. So Even it seems worst in USA or developed countries, there it at least get noticed. In middle east country like Qatar peoples are not even people to the natives. Middle east is used to see humans as slaves. And even to this day it exists prominently. It’s not even safe for me to give you proofs. Every time I read about these horrible deed, it horrifies me, I just wish I had no ears to listen, no eyes to see and no mind to think, that way I could have avoided even learning these horrible thinks that has been happening since the dawn of life.

I guess it might looks like contrary to what it may seem like I’m trying to prove, the truth is, I’m not trying to prove anything, all I’m doing is trying to talk about some form of Truth.

Statista claimed that in 2020, 1,021 people were killed by police, while the project Mapping Police Violence counted 1,126. From 1980 to 2018, more than 30,000 people have died


That nation is way too busy bombing other nations that it has no time to develop it’s own society. It was never great. A nation has so much blood that no amount of bleach can remove the stain.

Half a million children have died in Iraq since UN sanctions were imposed – most enthusiastically by Britain and the US. Three UN officials have resigned in despair. Meanwhile, bombing of Iraq continues almost daily. John Pilger investigates