What do you think is the charm of Japan?

It’s the richness of Japanese. In Europe and the United States, all the phonetic characters of the alphabet are devoted. In China, all the ideographic characters of Chinese characters are devoted. So they live in a one-dimensional language space. However, in Japanese, we use ideographic kanji, phonetic characters hiragana and katakana, and more recently the alphabet. In addition, Kanji has on-yomi and kun-yomi. Therefore, the Japanese live in a five-dimensional language space. Therefore, the Japanese have an order of magnitude more freedom in expressing the world than people in other countries.

As you know, those who live in multidimensional space can see the world in lower dimensions, but on the contrary, those who live in lower dimensional space are better than that. It is almost impossible to see the space of many dimensions. Therefore, the Japanese can see the world seen by Western countries and Chinese, but on the contrary, it is almost impossible for them to see the world seen by the Japanese.

Perhaps the only people in the world who can understand this attraction are those who can read, write and speak Japanese freely.

Writer: Anonymous