Joker and The Egg Plants

A Joker has a very important in the royal court.

One day, after eating fried eggplant, King was very happy and said to Joker, “Is there any other food as delicious as eggplant?”

‘Eggplant has no equal,’ said Joker.

The king ordered, “I will eat eggplant every day from now on.”

Then after eating eggplant for straight five days, the king suddenly got totally tired at sixth day.

He called the butler and said, “Take this awful eggplants away from me.”

‘Eggplant is inedible indeed’ said Joker with approval.

When the king heard this, he was very surprised and said, “Is that so ! But you said couple of days ago that there is no equal for eggplant!”

‘I am your Joker, my king’ said Nasiruddin, ‘not the Eggplant’s.’


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