Insider Look at Leadership Roles for Women

One of the advancements in women’s rights that we celebrate during Women’s History Month is the freedom to work in any field, and the ability to pursue leadership roles within the companies we work.

It’s a very different story from the 1970s, when women worked in limited fields and earned significantly less than men. While we still have barriers in equal earnings, we do have control over where we choose to grow professionally.

It’s important to find the company that is the best fit for you and provides work-life balance. What if your child is sick – do they allow you to work from home? What if you don’t want to take off on President’s Day – is paid time off a general pool, or is it divided into vacation/sick/holiday time?

The company that encourages women to become leaders with support and materials is the company that will help you achieve your leadership goals.

I chair the TD Women in Leadership initiative at TD Bank, and our goal is to increase representation of women at senior levels by expanding leadership opportunities for women. We offer, for example, a great mentoring program for women across the TD Bank footprint. This year, we’re planning to expand it by implementing one-on-one mentoring for high-potential women.

Choosing a company that fosters that kind of growth for women will not only groom you to rise to leadership at that company, but it will provide personal and professional development.

A good healthcare plan and vacation time are great, but benefits that help you achieve a work-life balance contribute to overall workplace happiness, too.

Life happens. Our kids bring home stomach viruses that take down the whole house. That’s why you should inquire with potential employers about work-from-home policies.

Before you begin your job – and company – search, consider creating a list that includes not just what you want in your next position, but what it is you’re looking for from your next move.

 Linda Verba leads store operations and service programs at TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank. Linda is Chair of TD Women in Leadership (WIL) and leads TD’s Senior Women Leaders Community. In 2010, Linda was named one of the ‘Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking’ by U.S. Banker, and ‘2010 Woman of the Year,’ by The National Association of Professional Women, New Jersey chapter.

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