How do I build a website?

How to design a website

Before designing website, you need to re-define your strategy and goals. For example if you want to be a developer, then designing website will have a whole different meaning than if you just want a website to increase your business’s online presence. Even if you are not a coder you will still be able to create a website in some easier frameworks like WordPress. But website designing is not the end of the story.

Not at all. If you want to be web developer, there are various ways such as completing essentials course on Udemy or some dependable orgs. You need to learn the basics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. While learning the basics you will also find that you require some level of knowledge in basic operating system such as Windows and Linux. Learn how to setup local and live servers. Also learn basic graphic editing in software such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, learn how to convert PSD to HTML, HTML to WordPress or to some other frameworks.

But if you want a site for your business and do not have enough time to learn everything, you can hire a web developer or a company. Most of the time going for freelancers if you have no idea about web development will not workout for you. Because when you do not know what you should ask for, you are most likely to go for all the wrong things.

Let me explain, for example, if you want a site and just for to a freelancer platform and hire the one who provides cheapest service, you are going to find out later that so many issues are left out. Because, everything along with monthly services obviously can never be provided in a single package. Some will make you a website, without making it mobile responsive. Some will give you a package where you will have a complete website without customization. Also there are monthly SEO services that are needed these days when the competition is steep.

So either you learn everything or ask a professional about what you should be looking for. You are most likely going to need a domain provider, a hosting provider where you usually pay for one year. And then you are going to need a developer to setup your site, mail and all sorts of customization. You are going to need a monthly service where a developer or a company manager everything including website, customization, updates and server managements. You might need various daily updates, product uploads and a lot of other things. So, it you will be best if you consult someone with professional knowledge first. If you just want a static website even then you may require SEO to increase your website views.

Web design can be divided into 3 easy step for non-technical clients.

  1. Consult a developer to understand what kind of domain / hosting you may need.
  2. Buy Domain and Hosting.
  3. Hire a developer or a company depending on your budget to setup & manage your website on a monthly basis.

For those who wants to be a web developer you can learn it from Tutorials or professionals. You are most likely need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, PHP and also learn how to work on frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, WordPress, OpenCart or Magento if you require a big ecommerce site.

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