Do I really need to use shampoo?

Shampoo is basically a modified soap with some extra flavor. If it gives you psychological peace you can use it, since you are very used to it.

But the truth about shampoo is, you don’t really need it. Your body and scalp produces a protective oil that coats around the hair to keep it healthy. When you shampoo, it removes dirt and that protective oil. Makes your hair unhealthily clean, this may sound weird but it this case it’s true, it makes your hair unhealthily clean. And your hair becomes dry and rough.

Then you require condition which basically is a make up for that lost oil that you just washed away. And doing it for a long time destroys your scalps natural environment, and you feel and prone more and more to those chemicals and look for more ways to make it look better.

But you don’t really need it, all the talks about making your hair healthy it’s all just solid marketing and business, nothing more. If you wash your hair daily with clean water that is more than enough for your hair and water may clean the dirt but it won’t destroy the natural protective layer in your hair.

So if that information satisfies you then yes, go ahead and through all the shampoos away, save all that money, buy a some Aloe vera plants, use it daily on your hair which is actually quite good for you.

Have a good day.

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