Animals that are known to enjoy eating weed

There are several animals that are known to enjoy eating weed, either as a source of food or as a means of getting high. Here are a few examples:

  1. Goats: Goats are known for eating just about anything, and they are particularly fond of eating weed. They have been known to eat both cultivated and wild cannabis plants, and some people even use goats as a natural way to control the growth of weeds.
  2. Elephants: Elephants in Africa have been known to consume the leaves and stems of the wild cannabis plant. The plant contains a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the same compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.
  3. Rabbits: Some rabbits have been known to nibble on marijuana plants, particularly if they have limited access to other food sources. While rabbits are not necessarily attracted to the plant for its psychoactive properties, they may enjoy the taste of the leaves and stems.
  4. Horses: Horses have been known to eat marijuana plants, and some horse owners have reported that their horses have become intoxicated after eating the plant. However, it is important to note that feeding horses marijuana can be harmful and should be avoided.

Some animals may enjoy eating weed, it can be toxic to them and may cause serious health problems, such as respiratory failure or even death. As such, it is best to keep marijuana plants out of reach of animals and to seek veterinary care if you suspect that your animal has consumed weed.