With so many different opinions today, how does one find truth?

I Can’t tell you the way to find absolute truth but I can tell you a way to find somewhat close to truth in modern days.

They way to find truth is follow lots of independant Educational Statistics in Democratic develioed countries and put your eyes on the map. No matter what anobody or any news Organization say, where people are says a lot.

For example Westerns says a lot of things but if you put your eyes on the map you will say where they are you will see beyond lies. They are on Ukraine, where is it? Is it anywhere near USA? No, where is it, it’s on Russia’s border. What does it tell you? It tells you westerns are invading Russia Through Ukraine. And forcing then to Act. A stable Russia is not what they want so they pushed them toward war.

That’s how you find the truth.

Well should you support robber or the robbed ?

European Zionists stole the land of Palestine from Palestinian Jews, Muslims etc. And now they kill teenagers, medics and journalists in front of world media.

Now you tell me who should you support ?