Why do you think Europe is more developed than Asia?

That deepened on what you mean by being developed.

Relative to the population of each country, police in England and Wales recorded the highest number of violent sexual offences per hundred thousand inhabitants in 2015 (130), followed by Sweden (120) and Belgium (nearly 66).

1 in Every 5 service women in United States gets raped. And their children aren’t safe in schools because of mass shootings.

And here is Sweden, one of your European developed country.

Here are the 10 countries with the highest rape rates:

  1. Botswana (92.93)
  2. Lesotho (82.68)
  3. South Africa (72.10)
  4. Bermuda (67.29)
  5. Sweden (63.54)
  6. Suriname (45.21)
  7. Costa Rica (36.70)
  8. Nicaragua (31.60)
  9. Grenada (30.63)
  10. Saint Kitts And Nevis (28.62)

Are you kidding me!


Here is Switzerland, again, one of your European developed country.

Switzerland: One in five women is a victim of sexual violence