Why do people think vegetarianism is unethical?

People think a lot of things.

I don’t think it’s unethical. It’s just not a sustainable or good choice of life style. As most of the reliable honest sources of information will not hide the fact that many of the important nutrition are not easily available in plants sources.

Also plants have lives, so it’s just a life style dependent of supplements and with wrong information. If you chose to be a vegetarian that is okay, but if you choose because you think those who eat meat is wrong or unethical, that is a wrong unethical reason. You have no rights to judge an animal for it’s diet.

For a greener world, don’t you think eating green is the wrong way of doing it ? You are destroying millions of plants by choosing so. Since plants release oxygen in the world, they are more precious than an animal that eats and destroys plants. You have love for an animal breed when more in number they destroy habitats and requires predators like Lions & Tigers to keep their number in check yet you don’t love plants ? Even if you are just eating fruits you are eating their in some way you can call it their scrotum, or ovaries 😉

There is not ethics when it comes to diet, being a omnivore, herbivore or carnivore is not a matter of ethics, it’s a matter of simple living.