What startled you recently?

I was Watching Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities. When I was at Episode 5, some character from the episode shouts, “Saves me from these Philistines.” It sounded so similar I googled it.

It wasn’t a mistake, it was a word that represent Palestinians. So I can only guess who is trying to establish a norm by Using Philistines as a negative barbarians.

The more you think about it, it’s nothing really different. Israelis specially the Zionists in Israel may not be original Bani Israelites but they have a core similarities. Both are self-deluted arrogant narcissistic people. They are the type of people who sees KARMA and punishments, and will still do it and expect not to get punished. They will see other drink a poison and suffer greatly, they will do it and expect different result.

Over times, many humans tried to establish norm about something they oppressed. It didn’t last. White supremacists and people established Niggers as norm and established blacks as something lower than humans, slaves. And it didn’t last. Israelis are trying to establish something that doesn’t seem reasonable or logical they are doing it anyway. They are trying to establish a social norm where everybody takes Philistines as bad. When in Realities, Israelis are worse, running an apartheid treating Palestinians the same way Hitler treated the Jews in Nazi Germany. Israelis haven’t done anything less than Nazis.

It’s like those Japanese anime, when a nation or a character is tortured and tormented, over time he/she starts the same thing to others. He/She starts torturing others the same way they were tortured.

It could be that Zionists are evil, or it could be that they have PTSD and doing the same injustice to the people around them.