What kinds of strange food you will never try?

It’s actually a popular Japanese food I think. Or more like a popular Japanese Seafood.

Want to know what is it ? It’s called Sea urchin. I don’t think You would find it ugly though. Doesn’t it look beautiful ? Such nice orange color ! Such a tasty Sea Food Ha ? Yam Yam ? Chop Chop ?

No thank you..

It’s a freaking genital gland of a Sea Orchin. I don’t have any plan to eat the Gonad of anything (Unless it belongs to my future wife).

The genital gland of a sea urchin, the so-called gonad, is found inside the urchin. This organ stores nutrients, and contains milt and roe during the spawning season in spring. The gonads are very popular in sushi dishes in especially Asia, but also in other parts of the world.