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I have my understanding developed today by a small incident. In 2019, I took a photo of the hand of a 13–14 year old kid hooding a insect that makes cric cric sound. We call these insects Jhi Jhi Poka.

I posted the photo today on reddit and some of the commentators started arguing and making assumptions that I am wrong and some are absolutely sure judging by the photo they see is an adult or he hand of someone much older. I feel it funny and think about past experiences where other people being so sure about something about me and because of their firm belief I belived them. But since this time I shot that photo it’s not even a question whether it’s a kid or not. It was my evil neighbor’s grandchild. He caught that thing and I told him not to hurt it. He replied that he wasn’t Planning to. He just wanted to hold it and then he let it go.

So the lesson here is, don’t believe people even when they seems adamantium about something. Don’t believe anything without real proof. This People are sure about the photo I took myself. See? Belief is not dependent on the thing itself and based on the people who has it.

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