What is one thing that I can learn from you today?

Sometimes we forget what is truly important. Sometimes society & media and capitalism misleads us from what is truly important.

Being successful is not important, being a billionaire is not important. Being famous is also not important. Neither it’s important to be extremely hard working. It’s not important to win the game! Or it’s not important to surpass others. It’s not important to be better than others. Others opinions about you is not important at all.

Even billionaires can loose their wives and become totally alone in their old life. Look at Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates ! Chester Bennington was famous but he wasn’t happy, he took his own life ! People are not mind readers, they don’t know you ! They don’t know a single sh*t about you. Their opinions about you are just the product of their own life, not yours. Hard working doesn’t define you as a living being on Earth. While most of the animal on Earth just eat and sleep, you have to be a hard worker to support the rich people ?

Think about it, all you need to do is earn your living, that’s all. Don’t take the blame for not being “Industrious” enough. Who the fuck are you being industrious for ? Working on minimum wage while one owner takes everything ? Work since you have to, just don’t take it personally. These rich people praise hardworking because that’s what they need, they need people like you to work on minimum wage so that they can go on a boat travelling and post on Instagram as a stupid “Million Mentor”. They are not your mentors. Find people who values life, let them become your mentor. Try to understand the principles Buddhist Monks lives by, they can teach you lot.

Think about all the value less things you exhaust yourself thinking about. Tell yourself that they are not important. And remind yourself that what is truly important is happiness which comes when you live among the people who loves you, your family and good friends.

So find honest people, find good people, and surround yourself with them. Don’t keep a single evil prick in your life as it doesn’t take much poison to make your diet awful. It doesn’t take much dirt to take the appetite away. It take a drop of piss to ruin your good glass of milk.

So always remember, what is truly important, and what are not.

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