What has life brought you?

Tiredness. It’s not like I don’t have a good family, or in poverty, that’s not it. It’s just this consciousness is not good. Being conscious all the time, all these thoughts, feelings, needs, memories good or bad, visual inputs, auditory inputs, touch sensations, feeding, nature calls, work, shop, laundry, shower, workouts, disease everthing is just too tiresome. I don’t know how people go on with this and keep striving for survival. Its just way too tiring. Sleeping is just way too peacefull.

And when sleep is too comforting, it’s a freaking psychological disease by social standard. How can all people just go on keep running for food and money. How can they not just sit around and die. Death is the most peaceful thing you will ever have. More peaceful than anything.

Life only has brought a intense desire to stop it, Give it Eternal peace, end of consciousness.

Because I Couldn’t stop for death,

She kindly stopped for me.. 🀀

(It’s my version of Emily Dickinson)