What do I think about Iran protests..

My thoughts in this matter is a bit simplistic and obvious. When I feel cold I assume it’s winter or I have fever. It’s either of those two because they are obvious.

When in time of crisis Iran conveniently has a protests, I immediately assumes it’s arranged by USA. And that is what I think, some Iranians are either manipulated or they have spies that are arranging this. Iran knows that, we know that. They want to de-stabilize the government.

Because world media is basically USA’s controlled media. When they posts like everyday about something we know for sure they are trying to establish some kind of default. They are trying to prove the opposite of truth. For a long time Iran has been heavily sanctioned by USA and Europe. And which is effected no one but the general people. And suddenly they care about the general people ? Western Regime has been trying to make Iranian starve to death, now they are posting news about human rights in Iran ? You have to be completely brain dead to believe that.