Sweet temporariness

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The temporary state of human life scares you. These things will end one day. The soul crunching business will stop. All the joys, little moments of happiness will be gone. All of your loved ones will start to leave you. And you can’t do anything about it as you are just benign creature of this universe. And it is not their fault that they leave you in the first place. They are also powerless. They have to go too. It’s their destiny. But you are trying hard, as hard as possible to keep them with you. But you cannot. Nature is waiting for them.

And at the same time you realize it is kind of a great pleasure that things in this world ends. That’s it. You too one day will be dead. Your body is decaying. You don’t have to worry. When you are sad, depressed, worried, shocked, grieved, ( I don’t know how many bad emotions are there. They are all I have got so far), you feel that these things will be gone too one day. They are also temporary. The temporariness somehow releases you tensed soul. It awakes you. You have to be into the moment. You have to stay present. You have to be alive. You have to use your happiness quota as much as possible. Time is rushing to the end. It gives you the joy that you are trying to be happy. You try hard. Your soul got a chance to write, act, move, and most importantly learn to know how to survive. And that’s it.