Something about Imran Khan getting shot

Let see what Imran Khan was talking against in his protests. He was talking about USA & The corrupted government officials that has the control of Pakistan Now.

Human life is short, I don’t know how good Imran Khan is as a person, but he is definitely loved by a lot of people. We don’t even know if he would be a good leader.

I mean what is a good leader, as corrupt current Pakistani Government is, if Imran becomes prime minister what would it mean ? It’s so easy for big countries to shoot and kill a leader in these under developed countries. Politicians even get shot and killed in Countries like Japan.

Imran Khan getting shot by someone can only mean one thing, it’s so easy to lose a leader, whether he be great or worse. And as a nation if you don’t have the capacity to protect your leader, you shouldn’t be bragging about anything, just bow down to powerful country. If you can’t  protect your leader, you won’t be able to protect anyone. So what is the point of getting self-respect ?

If majority in your country is not honest and intelligent, you will get corrupted people everywhere and corrupted ones are like leaks inside a pipe. Or like crack inside buildings. Dishonest and corrupted people are the weakest link in the security chain of a nation and they will definitely break the nation. You can’t prosper if Corrupted ones running around controlling your countries major organs.