Should people eat meat or not?

First you need to take a look at Peta, an organization that tells us we are not. But think about it, you are a animal in the wild, and you like meat because it’s a part of your diet, it nourishes you and now somebody telling you to starve you off it because of their ideologies.

And most of the time they will be feeding you either vague or totally wrong information. But why would you believe me over a organization much bigger than me ?

Well, you already made up your mind, you will be doing what you wanted to do in the first place, you are just looking around to justify it.,and%20cholesterol%20found%20in%20meat.

Take a look at the false information they are giving you. First one would be

We Don’t Like Blood

Of course we don’t like blood. We like The meat, cooked nice and fresh. The trick is the bloody photo they show you to justify it instead of actual fact, the wild is much more bloody than that. Lion, Hyena, Cheetah, Tigers, even many types of birds like meat, what do you think they have forks and sauce to eat them in a plate ? It’s always bloody and messy, that’s life, trees eat shit to grow fruit, you eat fruit. Animals eat plants, you eat the animal. And do not let some moron to make you choose a stupid life style.

We Don’t Have Carnivorous Teeth

That is a false information, we do have four canine teeth, they admits it but downplayed it. Lets say you don’t have teeth to begin with, lost in some accident what does that say you don’t need food ? Forget all that,  just go research why do we need meet in the first place and what would it take from you to replace the nourishment & from nature ? You think vegetarianism is good for the planet ? Then why don’t you make all those animals vegetarian ? Why do you have to do it ? Do you have less rights than them ? You have the right to eat.

Our Digestive System Doesn’t Like Meat

That is totally false information. Our digestive system is designed to digest meat, that’s why you need fiber and veggies in the first place. Because fibers are not digestible, they stay intact when you eat food, it is said to make the bowel movement easier because your stomach digest meat totally, fiber helps create flexible stools to pass.

Meat May Cause Food Poisoning in Humans

May cause ? are you kidding me ? It may happen or not that’s what they are saying , vague info. When you eat anything rotten, meat or veggies, or not clean, you may have food poisoning. These info they are sharing is factually not correct. That’s why your Granma give you chicken soup when you are sick, because it’s heals you. Veggies are harder to digest, not meats.

Anyway, they don’t provide which doctor wrote the article, they just tells you whatever they feels like. And if you really are not one of those who don’t look for proof, then you can do the research yourself.

Vegetarian lifestyle most often requires supplements. Well how else are you going to find the precious nutrition easily ? 🙂

Just make sure somebody else is not fooling you with their own unreasonable selfish ideologies. Use your head. If you are used to watching animal lifestyle and other science related videos you will see, meat is really good for us, in moderation, just like any other foods.

It’s not really hard to find out which one is correct & which one is not. There are many established scientific facts that PETA article goes against. So it shouldn’t be that hard to do fact check.

7 Nutrients That You Can’t Get from Plants
1. Vitamin B12
2. Creatine
3. Carnosine
4. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
5. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
6. Heme iron
7. Taurine

Those anti-meat agendas could be as innocent as child pushing vegetarianism without understanding food chain. It could also be something sinister, like pushing some new products on us, or because of some politicians pushing for religious discrimination to unite a particular branch of people, or make us dumber in general, because face it, your brain needs Meat, and without it, some part of your body and mind will starve to dumbness.

Without meat, there is a chance that you will need supplements your whole life. Good for Pharmaceuticals companies, eeh ?