My awesome suggession for CNN to save millions of dollar each year.

CNN NEWS BY Donekeys

CNN is not a news organization.

A news organization is a org that posts news, not  the same limited lines every day. CNN is not an actual news organization, it’s owned by Warner Bros, it’s a fictional TV Series. That’s why it posts same fictions everyday.

And I heard a rumor that has strong evidence and smell that CNN keeps donkeys and call them Journalists.

If you want me to Guess what’s their headline would be..

It’s something like this..

  • China’s Economy in Trouble.
  • Good Protesters in Iran gets beaten By the Evil Government.
  • Russia, Mother of Evil killing Ukrainian good guys.

To post such limited number of lines why do you need to pay thousands of dollars to donkeys you call “CNN Journalists” every month. If they are going to post the same thing, why not just stop keeping pet donkeys and save your money.