Kidney Cancer Types, Risk Factors, And Diagnosis

Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of kidney cancer. The reasons for kidney cancer are Smoking, Obesity, High blood pressure. We get our kidneys on either side of the spine; these bean-shaped organs are protected thereby a framed structure referred to as the lower rib cage. Despite having dual organic accessories, any one of these can serve well in performing the renal activities that they are expected to do. Our kidney works in removing excess water, salt, and various other organic substances from our body. They filter blood too. Such wastes are removed through renal tubules that filter these fluids before they are allowed to discharge in urine form into our bladder.

Tumors in the kidney are formed due to random mutation of these renal tubules. Thus, it is often referred to as renal cancer too.


Kidney Cancer Types

Medical sciences could identify more than 90% of renal organ carcinomas as RCC types. However, the diseases have several subtypes. These include:

Clear Cell RCC. Collecting duct type. Papillary RCC. The chromophobe renal cell carcinomas. Unclassified diseases. Other kidney cancers belong to the following types:

Transitional cell carcinoma. Renal sarcoma. The condition is classified as metastatic type if it spread into lymph nodes or other distant organs like bladder, lungs, or liver from its originating spot.


Kidney Cancer Risk Factors

The statistics for renal cell carcinoma reveal that:

The average minimum age for RCC infection is 64. The norm age for people deceased from this disease curbs in at 72. More than 90 percent of people diagnosed with the disease are between the age limit of 65 and 74. Men are more prone to such diseases. Indian immigrants in the USA count for a significant portion of the disease. Doctors around the world are yet to fix a reason for the disease; yet, they have relentlessly tried to find out dissuades and started to pointer some factors:

In several countries, men are a softer target than their female counterparts. You are more likely to have the disease if one of your parents or another family member has it. Genetic diseases that are too uncommon may also help you have the disease. If your profession compels you to be in a hazardous condition like asbestos or chemicals like cadmium. If you have taken pain medication without an authorized prescription. Doctors have also identified many physiological factors too, but you can manage them on your own. These include:

High blood pressure Smoking and drinking. High blood pressure. Kidney Cancer Diagnoses It includes two consecutive processes, i.e. tests and disease stage determination. Staging is important as it helps your doctor know the extent to which your disease has spread. Based on your overall physiological and medical condition, h/she may order additional CT scans or other imaging tests beyond those used in diagnosing the disease.

Stages are defined in Roman numerals starting from I and continuing till IV. Stage I indicates that the disease is still confined to the organ. While it dictates IV, that means you are carrying advanced cancer; in most cases, it becomes metastatic and spread to other organs.

The Tests

Blood and Urine tests

Blood and urine tests are ordered at the initial stage when your doctor is confused about the factors that create your signs and symptoms.

Imaging tests

These tests help to confirm your doctor’s suspicion. The pathological doctor traces out an abnormality in the renal zone. Magnetic Resonance scanning helps determine its shape and identify this as a tumor.

Other recommended tests include USG, X-ray, and CT scan.


A biopsy helps doctors look for disease symptoms in more meritorious ways. Under this process, small tissues are collected from areas under suspicion. A detailed check of these issues would help the medical team get more précised results.

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