“If a bad student like me can be the president, then what is the need to be a good student” – the statement of the President of Bangladesh carries the extent of his incompetence to sit in his office?

Being a good student is basically a minimum qualification.

It is necessary to be a good student because the education system mainly gives a clear picture to the society so that those who will manage the country can understand the problems of the country well and in simple words can make life easier by solving various problems.

And it is doubtful whether it is possible for them to find a solution for those who do not have the ability to acquire that idea about the problem.

Let me give a simple example to understand this. Ask him, no matter how much he despises formal education, if he needs an operation and if the surgeon says he is a very good doctor but could not pass the medical, will he do the surgery for him? Or if one is asked to choose a doctor, will one go for the one who has passed with maximum marks or the one who has TTP (Tone Tune Pass)?

Those who cheat, their first cheat is with themselves. Lies to yourself first.

The president or the ministers are doing surgery on the body of the country. As their qualifications, so will the country. And they will come from the ranks of the people of the country. So people are more likely to be what they are.

For example, if the people of a country are very good, but their ruling community is very bad, the probability of such a situation is actually very low. As the people are, the ruling community is like that.

Personally I prefer CMH doctor because no one can become CMH doctor without maximum qualification. Of course, I cannot say whether merit is seen in these cases, or whether fraudsters have entered there. Generally becoming a doctor in a military hospital requires additional qualifications which ensure that the doctor is not only talented but also physically and mentally fit.