I wrote a 10+ article. Should I apply for AdSense now?

You should at least have over 60 original good quality articles with enough content to apply for AdSense. Otherwise you would be wasting your time.

Also remember well, never copy other peoples’ content, or add pirated plugins into your site. If you violate Google’s policies your website is completely f*cked.

Make sure your site isn’t backlinked by some spamming site or porn site. If you find out it is then you should remove toxic backlinks by letting google know about it through search console. Also keep your plugin & framework updated as Google sees it as your responsibility to keep your site secure. If your website has virus or malware you will be punished for it. And until your site is bug free, Google might un-index you.

Also let the contents sit there for a while and submit sitemap so that it’s indexed by Google as fast as possible.

If you have WordPress framework, use plugins like Rankmath or Yoast to optimize your content for search engines. It’s a lot easier with them. Never try to do some shortcut or hack your way up because Google has excellent ways to find out any illegals activity. Their apps are continuously updating, upgrading. There is nothing you can do that won’t be noticed by them.