Do we need neutral zone for social media ?

On Ukraine-Russia issue, we have seen how freedom of speech can be shut down by so called democratic countries in a whim. Russian news in YouTube were shut down like nothing. They also filters anything that goes against ideologies and policies of USA.

Freedom of speech only matters when it’s harder to apply. When you talk about the things no body gives a cr*p about, that is not when it matters. It matters when it is to a point of getting targeted by powerful force like Governments.

Russian Media is completely shut down in USA controlled Medias. That brings the question, when you finally own or develop something that matters, will you be able to keep it ? Or it will be robbed by forces like USA ? By far the greatest threat to Global free speech is USA there is no doubt about it.

I know it’s needed by I still don’t have the answer on how it can be possible, a social media not controlled by some regime like USA or Russia, or any government. Free speech under the control of these regimes that has no regard for freedom or free speech is absolutely not possible. Even if you establish a social platform, the domain and hosting providing points are still vulnerable by these forces.