Can India, Pakistan and Bangladesh unite? What are the factors which will play role in or prevent this Reunion? Do you think, any other foreign Nation will Intervene this?

United States, Russia and China will never let this happen. United Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh will be very strong and very big. It’s not good for them rise of another powerful nation. India is already big enough but none of the big powers wants it to be much power powerful.

But it’s almost impossible. And the main prevention is Religious & National Bias and Fundamentalism both from Islam and Hinduism. Islamist will force Hindus, and Hindu fundamentalist will force Muslims. That way it’s much easier for foreign force to create conflict and also that gives rise of the supremacist by majorities.

To combine these countries, majorities have to have same ideals. Like secularism can unite them. But it’s highly unlikely that suddenly most of the people on this region will have same ideas about religion and cultures. Even though they have much similarities but they have some fundamental distinctions.

Also these people are born and raised to believe in certain nationality, most of them will never realize the benefit of combining even though we have a supreme example of this, which is United States. Many of the states combined and formed the most powerful country on earth. Russia used to be much more powerful because of their size. Size matters. There will me less struggle more development if people combines under a similar ideas. Being like China, Russia or USA works just fine.

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