About Me

I am Mahmud, I don’t have a faith or ideology. I believe in mostly on what profits me. If something is not profitable for me in any way, they are completely irrelevant to me obviously. God is another apparently irrelevant topic for me, so I try to avoid it most of the time. Although I’m not a quite good person I like the idea of being good and living in harmony and all that. Although the world is not quite I wanted, I would like better life for everybody. Unfortunately it’s not up to me.

I with my Sibling Al Mahbub run a Freelancer Web Development company we call Smartupworld.  Mahbub is an adobe certified Magento 2 frontend expert. I am an WordPress developer, also expert on HTML,CSS, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. We have been running Smartupworld since 2015.

We manage websites and servers internationally. If you are looking for someone to manage your website and server on a monthly basis we are here for you.

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Phone: +8801966456726, +8801916002832
EMail : smartupworldwebsolutions@gmail.com

One Of our specialty is, we provide unbelievable(!) consideration for startups so when your revenues grows up you can adjust our fee. Because you are our future investment!

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