CSS :nth-child() Selector – Useful :nth-child Recipes

Select Only the Fifth Element li:nth-child(5) { color: green; } Select All But The First Five li:nth-child(n+6) { color: green; } Select Only The First Five li:nth-child(-n+5) { color: green; } Select Only The First Five li:nth-child(4n-7) { /* or 4n+1 */ color: green; } Select Only Odd or Even li:nth-child(odd) { color: green; } […]

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Responsive CSS media query

Add Bellow code to your css bottom area. There are different portal for responsive design. Here we discuss all the pixel size for mobile or tab or desktop section. Remember CSS files priority come by top to bottom. So last css add before header tag gets most priority. Better to add those code in your […]