Block or unsubscribe from emails – Android – Gmail Help

Blocking or unsubscribing from unwanted emails on your Android Gmail app is a simple process, depending on your goal:

Block an email address:

  1. Open the email from the sender you want to block.
  2. Tap the sender’s name or photo.
  3. Choose “Block [sender name]”.
  4. All future emails from that sender will go directly to your Spam folder.

Unsubscribe from mass emails:

  1. Open an email from the sender you want to unsubscribe from.
  2. Look for an “Unsubscribe” link, often near the bottom of the email.
  3. Tap the “Unsubscribe” link.
  4. Depending on the sender, you might be asked to confirm your unsubscription.
  5. Once confirmed, you won’t receive future emails from that sender.

Additional options:

  • Move to Spam: After blocking or unsubscribing, you can tap “Move to Spam” to ensure future emails from that sender don’t clutter your inbox.
  • Manage Labels: You can create custom labels to organize your emails, like “Unsubscribing” or “Blocked Senders”, for easier management.
  • Inbox Tips: Gmail offers unsubscribe tips based on your emails. You can access them in Settings > Inbox > Inbox Tips.
  • Block multiple senders: You can block multiple senders at once by selecting them in your inbox and tapping the three dots > “Block”.

Remember, blocking and unsubscribing are separate actions:

  • Blocking: Stops all future emails from a specific sender, regardless of content.
  • Unsubscribing: Stops receiving emails from a specific mailing list or sender, but may not block future emails with different content from the same sender.


I hope this helps you manage your inbox and stay away from unwanted emails!