Black Adam 2022 Movie Review

Black Adam is a new movie from DC in the Superhero Justice League Series Casting our one of the most favorite actor and wrester Dwayne Johnson The Rock.

While watching the movie, I got really pissed when the boy was kidnapped and was thinking this is going to be just another kidnap-rescue typical story. Even though it wasn’t, and had a bit variety when it comes to ending, they lack originality.

Time to time they play comedy music in such a serious movie as this and spoil the theme.

Also, most importantly, the fight between Black Adam & Sabbac is really small. They should have built a more scary theme about Sabbac. And the fight should have been more complex. But it wasn’t, they end it really simply.

I think DC movies just like their previous JLA movies, Lack complexity and good story. They have good characters to run a movie, but they don’t have good stories. In most of the movies they try to do something different and ruin the story for us, but they seem to put really little effort to make the main battle a bit more complex and strategic.

Even though the movie was a disappointment, still, it’s kind of fun to watch Dwayne in Super Hero Costume.  It’s not a complete waste of time I guess.