Best phone carriers of 2023

Determining the “best” phone carrier for 2023 depends heavily on your specific needs and priorities. We can highlight some top contenders and their strengths to help you choose:

Speed Leaders:

  • T-Mobile: Boasts the fastest overall 5G network according to Ookla, with their Ultra Capacity 5G reaching a large portion of the US population. Ideal for data-hungry users.

Coverage Kings:

  • Verizon: Offers the widest coverage, especially in rural areas. Excellent choice for those who prioritize reliable connectivity everywhere.
  • AT&T: Provides strong coverage across most of the US, with some particularly good performance in major cities. A good balance between coverage and speed.

Value Champions:

  • Mint Mobile: Offers highly affordable prepaid plans with decent data allotments and no contracts. Great for budget-conscious users.
  • Visible (by Verizon): Verizon’s prepaid option provides access to their extensive network at lower costs than their main plans. Good for those who want Verizon’s coverage without the premium price tag.

Other factors to consider:

  • Price: Plans range significantly in cost, so compare options based on your data usage and desired features.
  • Family plans: Many carriers offer discounts for multiple lines, so consider if this applies to you.
  • Customer service: Research how carriers handle customer inquiries and support.
  • Network features: Some carriers offer perks like free international data or streaming services.

Here are some resources to help you compare carriers:

Ultimately, the best carrier for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. Do some research, compare plans, and consider your budget and usage before making a decision.

Remember, I am based in the US. If you’re located elsewhere, the landscape of phone carriers might be different.